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wantok.info presented at ICD conference at Berlin on the 15.09.2011


The term wantok is used in Neo-Melanesian Tok Pisin of Papua New Guinea (PNG) to denominate a person who speaks the same language (one talk). In a wider sense it also means fellow countryman.

There are only few Papua New Guineans scattered all over Europe, most dwelling individually, far away from a wantok. Those who are part of a group like staff of the PNG Embassy in Brussels or visitors of the mission in Neuendettelsau are a bit more fortunate as they find a wantok more easily.

The extended family is the centre of the universe of a Papua New Guinean, his social insurance, last resort and refuge. Papua New Guineans living abroad miss their extended families and wantoks. However, in the diaspora a wantok can replace the family to a certain extent.


The Wantok homepage wants to facilitate contacts between Papua New Guineans in Europe, their families, friends and other people interested in Papua New Guinea; establish a network and bring wantoks together on a regular basis to exchange experiences and news; overcome homesickness and loneliness and celebrate and prepare a mumu together.

Wantok is open for everybody, just send your ideas or contributions to wantok(a)wantok.info. This initiative came into existence during previous meetings of development workers and other interested people. Information and impressions on the previous meetings can be obtained from here or from wantok(a)wantok.info.

Our Meetings

Last meeting and next meeting see here:page2d.htm If you have any suggestions please let us know and send us an email or give us a call. We could organize workshops, presentations, exhibitions, etc. during the next meeting. Please give us your feedback.

Of course the meetings are open to everyone who is interested, Papua New Guineans, former development workers, missionaries, officials, visitors, and otherwise interested persons. So bring along your friends.

If the next meeting is too long away and if you feel like meeting before, just let us know about the whereabouts and whens. We are always eager to meet a wantok!


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