Dear Friends,  

greetings from the second PNG meeting at Hotel Brünings Linden, Gera, Germany from October, 29 to 31, 1999. Aicke arranged a wonderful sightseeing tour of his hometown Gera in a ninetyfour-year-old tram and a crate of beer of course was included. After lunch we visited the historic 'HÖHLER' of Gera, a kind of beer cellars of the former times deep under the houses of the old city. What a hell of a lot of work it must have been to dig these cellars just for the sake of cold beer in summer. Now we can fully understand our friend Aicke! The last highlight was the Luna Park that was in particular enjoyed by Jakob and Bellamy. Everybody had a really good time. Thanks Aicke, good on you!

Jakob, Karin & Jochen  Seibert
Dirk Gottschalk
Anke Fromme-Knopf

Aicke Heinrich
Heino Hertel
Bellamy, Phyllis & Michael Schneider

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(photos: Aicke)

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