Dear Friends,  

greetings from the PNG revival meeting at Hotel Pfeiffermuehle, Wertach, Germany from August 13 to 15, 1999. This was probably the largest number of Papua New Guineans* having met in Germany. Unfortunately you couldn't attend the meeting, but perhaps you will join us in 2000.  

Jakob, Karin & Jochen  Seibert
Dirk Gottschalk
Anke Fromme-Knopf

Aina Gatedai*
Andreas Siedersleben
Steffen Schmidt
*, Daniel* & Jan Breithaupt
Aicke Heinrich
*, Lisa* & Herbert Fickel
Hans-Peter Hartmann
*, Phyllis* & Michael Schneider

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This is what ALLGÄUER Zeitung from September 24, 1999 wrote about the meeting

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